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Junk car removal can always be a hassle but when you call the Kings we make life simple! Three Kings Towing has been a family owned and operated business for over ten years in Broward County, but we operate in all of South Florida offering the most reliable service including Towing needs, Junk car service, Lockout service, Jump starts, and Tire changing. We have the best customer service and have always honored our prices when paying you for your junk car. Our staff is very professional, and keeping our customers happy is our #1 priority!

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Call the kings today!

Our company specializes in junk car removal and getting you the most cash possible. No matter how bad the condition of the vehicle we will still buy them. You may have a wrecked or broken car or maybe a car that’s a little too old for a dealer. Call the kings now and find out how much cash you can get. Our company has been highly recommended for several years now! We are rated 5 stars on Google and you can find us on almost any social network. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our testimonials and see what others are saying! So if your seeking the best junk car removal company than look no further. (305) 433-1259

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