Fast Cash for Junk Cars

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Are you thinking ” I need to sell my used car for cash? ” well Three Kings Junk Car is your number one Junk Car service. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Our drivers are fast in response, very reliable, and our company thrives on being courteous and professional. Call us anytime for all your junk car removal needs and we would be happy to assist you!

used car for cash

Sell your used car for cash!

If you would like to trade your used car for cash than look no further! We offer same day removal and don’t worry about the tow fee its on us! Three Kings Junk Car services all the tri-county areas of south Florida. Cash is paid on the spot and all the necessary paperwork can be completed with our friendly staff. Selling your used car for cash is very simple. Give us a call (305)433-1259 and ask our representatives how to schedule an appointment.


After a junk car is purchased a company letter head receipt is given to each customer. Junk cars can be purchased with or without a title depending on the year of the vehicle or lien release information. We have a wide variety of different tow trucks to accommodate any customer in whatever type of car they want to get rid of. Call us now and schedule an appointment today!

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