Q.  Can i get cash for a junk car without title ?

A.  Not to worry, we can accept a registration or insurance card in place of a title as long as the vehicle is in your name.

Q.  How do I sell my junk car?

A.  Very easy! Call us anytime at (305)433-1259 and we can schedule an appointment.

Q.  How much cash can i get for my junk car ?

A.  Prices vary depending on year, make, model, and the current price of metal.

Q.  How long does it usually take to have my junk car removed?

A.  The process is very quick we usually have a driver at your location within one hour after you call.

Q.  If my car has a lien on it, can i still junk it?

A.  A lien must be at least three years old to junk it, but if the lien is recent a lien release must be provided.

Q.  After i junk my car what do i need to do to make sure it is out of my name?

A.  We will provide you with a company letterhead receipt with all proper documentation to cancel the title.

Q.   What do i do with my license plate and my insurance once my car has been junked ?

A.   We will give you a company letter head receipt to notify your insurance company that your car has been salvaged, and your license plate should be turned in to the local department of motor vehicles.

If you have any additional questions not to worry , feel free to give us a call any time at (305)433-1259 We have friendly representatives standing by to assist you in all of your junk car needs . We buy running and non running cars , broken cars , wrecked cars , we buy cars with title or without title so if your asking yourself can i get cash for a junk car without title ? the answer is yes !


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